We are different here, and unsatisfied with the traditional way of doing things. We want more safety, steering control, and more dog control. We want the system to be user friendly and quick to setup and break down with the dogs. We also want everyone in the household to be able to ride! We have achieved these goals and more- the system has become more than just dog mushing - its dog powered mobility! The 2 point clipin has the dog resisting any overlean. It also supports the dog side to side so they cannot contact the sides of the barand it even supports them vertically in case of a rare stumble.

The dogs cannot get to eachother. You also can get a rear view mirror for the handlebars if you want to easily see the rear dogs. With over units sold i have never had a report of any injury to do or rider! And it also rotates in parallel or pops off the post with a quick release. It also functions as a huge kickstand when the scooter is not in use. If not and the rider has to do a lot of the work by kicking, i find it doesn't get used much.

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Thus the dogs weight is not as important as the dogs drive to go and pull. But in general with an adult rider a single dog should be a minumum of about 40 lbs, but multiple dogs can be as small as 20 lbs. So common sense is the rule. But the confident pullers usually get it in the first 20 min.

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And in sessions are very comfortable. And you can prep the dog before the system actually arrives. The dog always keys off of the riders skill and confidence in the scooter. Multiple small dogs can add up to this weight recommendation.

When starting out a bike helmet, gloves and sturdy shoes are recommended. This system is very versitile- it can go most anywhere. Non-abrasive pavement right downtown on busy sidewalks inline configuration if for 2 dogs even inside a building. Its great for older folks with athletic dogs. So if you have valuable resources that can help achieve this goal please contact me. Bend, OR. Video 1. Video 2. Customer Comments. Video More Videos on the Video page. Why We are different here, and unsatisfied with the traditional way of doing things.

Appropriate Use This system is very versitile- it can go most anywhere.Ah, the high-energy breed. These people envision taking their furry friend on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, perhaps enrolling in puppy kindergarten or an obedience class, and most importantly — lots of cuddling and snuggling in front of the TV.

It involves the participation of one dog or multiple dogs to pull a sled, cart, or other contraption either on snow or dry land. Urban Mushing also called Dryland Mushing was put into practice to keep winter sled dogs in top shape during the off-season. And instead of pulling a sled, urban mushing involves a dog or dogs pulling a cart, scooter, bike or other apparatus. It will provide a fun activity and outlet for your dog to burn off excess energy while strengthening the bond between you two.

You can go anywhere that you can walk your dog or that your mushing apparatus can roll through. Pavement, dirt trails, parks, fields, and the woods are all suitable locations. Keep in mind if you do decide to take your dogs in busier urban areas, they should be experienced and well trained. The last thing you need is a dog new to the sport getting over excited, tangled up, and being a nuisance or danger to others around you.

Urban mushing compliments a variety of personal preferences because just about any set of unpowered wheels can be used. This includes carts, bikes, scooters, skates, rollerblades, and skateboards. Having a good set of brakes is also key for beginners to stay safe and out of harms way. Remember, confidence in a mushing apparatus is vital when training your dog.

The dogs best suited to this are athletic breeds with lots of energy to burn and breeds that like to pull. As you would expect, the husky breeds have an innate ability to run and pull, as these instincts are bred into them.

Many different breeds and mixes love mushing and can benefit from the exercise. The dog needs to be strong enough to be able to pull their handler at a decent speed. However, about five pounds of force is all that is needed to pull the average adult on a surface that is smooth and flat.

This route involves training your dog how to mush with traditional equipment and methods. With traditional mushing you need a harness, running line, and hook up line to attach your dog to a wheeled vehicle of your choice. Since the dog is out in front pulling their handler behind them, basic training is needed to be able to navigate. The handler and dog pair must be able to work together as a team. The dog needs to know the commands for slowing down, going faster, stopping, and turning.

While those are the basics, there are other commands to get your dog to ignore distractions and stay on trail. They may lack the confidence or skills to train their dog to obey basic mushing commands so that they can exercise together safely. A majority of busy families and dog owners want something much more user friendly.Getting Started!!

Where to begin and what to get? Whether you have one dog that LOVES to run and pull or have a team of sled dogs training for the Iditarod, having the right equipment will go a long way in ensuring maximum performance as well as a safe and comfortable trail run.

Any dog that will run and pull needs to have a properly fitted and comfortable harness. A harness should maximize a dog's pulling ability and be padded along the different pressure points that would otherwise provide discomfort or chafing.

dog mushing scooter

At Alpine Outfitters, we offer two types of harnesses - the X-Back Harness and the Urban Trail Harness, both of which are custom made to your dog's measurements measuring is really simple! The X-Back Harness is the most popular type of harness used for dog sledding. It goes along the entire length of the dog's body and is padded around the neck, chest, and throughout the length of the ribcage. This is perfect for dog sledding, carting, scootering, bikejoring, skijoring and other activities where the dog is expected to be running and pulling in front of you.

Please note that the X-Back harness does NOT conform to your dog's body unless the dog is pulling or leaning into it, and so this harness should only be used when your dog is expected to pull.

Dogs can back out of this harness and a belly band is recommended for such situations. X-Back Harness Measuring Instructions. It's easy to figure out which lines you need - from urban mushing with a scooter and one dog to dog sledding with 18 huskies out on the frozen tundra. Scooter Lines - Urban Mushing, whether done with a scooter or a bike, has become a widely popular way of exercising and having fun with the family pet.

Our scooter lines come with everything you need to attach the line to your scooter or bicycle: the single scooter line is perfect for running one dog. It comes with a built-in bungee and a scooter post connector so you can easily wrap it around and attach it to the neck of your scooter or bicycle.

Our double scooter line, on the other hand, is a Y-line with a built-in bungee and can be used for running one or two dogs. It also comes with a double neckline so that you can attach your dogs at their collars when running in tandem. Ganglines are used for running 3 or more dogs to a team. Our ganglines are modular and can be configured in 2-dog sections. Other than the leader section, which goes in front of a gangline and is a Y-line to which you can hook up two lead dogs, each 2-dog section is comprised of a mainline, which has two tug lines in the rear and two single necklines in front.

This allows you to run two dogs side-by-side or you can just run one dog and leave one tug line and one single neckline unused. Adding more dogs to your team is easily accomplished by simply attaching a 2-dog section at a time. Tug lines have a snap on one end, allowing you to easily hook and unhook your dogs from the team. Necklines have either one or two snaps - single necklines have one snap while double necklines, which are used for attaching leaders to each other's collars, have a snap on each end.

Tug lines and necklines, as well as the snaps, can be ordered as replacements. For ease of ordering, you can purchase a complete gangline setup, whether it's for 4, 6, 8, up to as many as 18 dogs.

Because these are modular in design, you can easily reduce or increase your team size by simply attaching or detaching a 2-dog section. Thus, if you purchase a dog gangline, you will have a leader section plus four 2-dog sections. On days when you want to run only 6 dogs, then you can easily detach two 2-dog sections and voila! And if later on you increase your team size to 12, then all you would need to do is add an additional 2-dog section.Dogs and scooters are the perfect combination!

Most dogs run about the same speed as you go on your scooter. So why not bring him along? Dogs of any size or breed can enjoy mushing! You needed to learn how to scooter before you were ready for long distances, and so it makes sense that your dog will also need to be trained up before he can mush very far. If your dog is a puppy, he may be too young to start. Training is optimal in dogs older who have developed their adult size and muscles.

At first, train over small distances and go slowly. If possible, change up the route you take during training. It will be more interesting for the dog—and for you! Only train as fast and as hard as your dog can handle that day.

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Do give him plenty of water and rest if he needs it. Never train on very hot days—dogs overheat quickly. When you start a training session, let your dog enjoy running free, like on a normal walk, for 10 or 15 minutes. This will give him time to warm up his muscles and socialise with any friends he might see on your route.

Next, attach the running line to the scooter. At first, your dog may not want to pull on the line—after all, we try to train our dogs not to pull on their leads when we walk them! If you put the harness on just before you start mushing, your dog will associate the harness with. Be patient and he will learn. The first time, just keep the dog secured to the scooter for a few hundred metres.

Then stop, give him a treat, remove the harness and reward him by letting him run free.

Urban Mushing 101: Equipment, Commands, & How to Start!

This will help him link dog scootering to having fun. Repeat this with longer distances when you feel your dog is ready. Your dog may not want to pull. To help him learn—and enjoy—mushing, try this:.

Put him in the ha rness as usual, but this time attach the other end of the running line to something heavy. Then, you can walk and eventually run beside your dog to encourage him while he pulls the weight.

This will teach him that he must pull to go forward. The new experience of wearing the harness and pulling the scooter may be stressful for some dogs, so be careful not to frighten him with sudden movements or a raised voice.

dog mushing scooter

Be patient and be prepared to put in the time necessary to get it right. Your dog probably will too, but make sure that you control the distance and the speed that you mush. Both you and your dog may need some time off between training sessions to recover, too! And of course, never use homemade or adapted equipment for dog-scootering.

This particular large-wheeled scooter has a minimum inch front wheel, and minimum inch back wheel. Take care to find a harness that will be comfortable for your dog.Dog scootering - a great activity for energetic dogs.

Dogs love to work - it keeps their minds busy, as well as giving them plenty of exercise something many dogs don't get enough of, especially those in urban environments. Many behavioural problems - from chewing and anxiety, through to aggression and barking - can often be traced back to a dog not having enough to do.

Dog scootering is a sport that anyone can enjoy and it's a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise - for humans as well as their canine companions. Dog scooters are not only a great way to exercise and condition your dog, they provide important mental stimulation that simply walking around the block won't necessarily provide.

Dog scootering is also a great way to train your dog - building a relationship where you and your faithful pet work together as a team. They all have sturdy constructions and feature non-slip mats, BMX-style handlebars and the all-important front and rear brakes. Dogs can be hitched to the front on all models or sidewalker extensions can be used with the Classic Pawtrekker scooter.

These starter packs have everything you need to get rolling, including lines, harnesses, rig sets and the scooter itself. Kits are available for one or two dogs, contact us if your looking for a setup for 3 or more dogs.

Training your dog to use a dog scooter is easy, even when they have never pulled before. Once you have fitted the harnessit will only take a little bit of patience and maybe a handful of treats to convince your dog that pulling a scooter is fun! For more information on training your dog, please refer to our Introduction to Dog Scootering. Dog scooters are also quite portable and can be easily transported in the back of your car or on a bike rack.

This means that you can effortlessly transport them to any open space and enjoy dog scootering in a variety of locations with your dog. Since dog scooters have tyres suitable for off-road terrain, you don't even have to stay on the paved paths! Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart. Dog Scooters Dog scootering - a great activity for energetic dogs Dogs love to work - it keeps their minds busy, as well as giving them plenty of exercise something many dogs don't get enough of, especially those in urban environments.

Using a dog scooter Training your dog to use a dog scooter is easy, even when they have never pulled before. Showing 1 - 12 of 21 Products. Grid List. It is important the harness fits snugly but not tightly around the neck and extends along the back stopping just short of the tail.

It is made out of 1-inch wide tubular webbing and features a heavy-duty bronze snap. You may also like: Scootering Kit Description Everything you need to get into Scootering with your dog. Front and Rear Disc The dog harness has been subject to extensive testing by dog drivers and has been field tested in competition up to an international standard.

The core is woven out of high strength rubber, protected by a durable polyester layer. Bungee Leash comes with Non-stop Dogwears Twistlock carabiner, which is the best option available.

Don’t Leave Your Dog at Home—Introducing Dog Scootering/Mushing

The carabiner locks itself so that you can be confident that your dog does not get lose.Strolling along the local bike path with your pooch, another dog — nearly just a blur — shoots past you. He looks thrilled. Should you call out to his owner? Is he an escapee? It looks crazy and fun!

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Urban mushing is an umbrella term for summer sports where your dog helps pull you forward. Generally, this is done with just one dog. Urban mushing might be done on foot, on a bike, on a scooter, or in a cart.

dog mushing scooter

How on earth can you get involved in urban mushing? This looks like an incredible way to exercise your dog and yourself while expanding your training skills. Urban mushing encompasses several different sports in one name.

Essentially, urban mushing includes any sport where your dog helps pull you forward without snow. This group of sports was invented to keep racing sled dogs in top shape over the summer. Outside of sled dog sports, urban mushing has quickly gained popularity as a way to exercise high-energy dogs especially those that love to pull all year.

Most mushers agree that urban mushing includes canicross, bikejoring, scootering, carting, sulky and skatejoring. Canicross: Canicross is the least equipment-intensive version of dryland mushing, but it also requires the most legwork on the human end. In this sport, your dog gives you a boost by running ahead of you on a bungee hip leash while you run cross-country behind him. This sport is probably the least expensive way to test the waters with dryland mushing, and is probably the safest option for new human handlers.

Using a special setup, one or two dogs help pull you on your bike. Of the wheeled urban mushing options, bikejoring is lightest on the specialized equipment. Scootering: Kick scooters offer a bit more stability and ability to easily jump off without tumbling than a bike.

Carting: Especially popular with large dogs such as Swiss Mountain Dogs or Newfoundlands, carting involves hooking your dog up with a wheeled cart and having him pull a load a specific distance. Sulky: A bit like a chariot or a dog-drawn carriage, a sulky allows you to sit in a two-wheeled cart while your dog pulls ahead.

Skatejoring: For the true adrenaline-junkie, skatejoring allows your dog to pull you on your skateboard or rollerblades. Skatejoring has a bad rap in some communities because of the tendency of inexperienced dabblers to head out without the proper pulling equipment for the dog and safety equipment for the owner. If you get the right gear, skatejoring is an exhilarating way to exercise your dog!

When I first brought my border collie Barley home, I thought I knew what it meant to have an energetic dog. I was ready. Well… kind of. They generally need a bit more of a sustained workout and some mental exercise as well. Together, Barley and I have dabbled in scootering, bikejoring, canicross, and skijoring. He and I can certainly attest to the benefits of these sports!What started as a way to train competitive sled dogs in the summer months, evolved into an international dog sport called Dryland Mushing.

Some common forms are dog carting, dog scootering, canicross, skijoring and sled dog racing. Designed and used by the most elite athletes in the world, but made for mushers of all levels.

Most will have elastic sections to absorb sudden movements, protecting you and your dog. Dog Mushing is an ancient and fast growing sport in which a dog or pack of dogs pulls a vehicle, typically a dog sled. Not wanting to lose a competitive edge, the Kickbike was created to train sled dog teams in the summer months when the snow had melted. Thus, dryland mushing was invented. Now the fastest growing dog sport in the world, the Kickbike is not only the original, but the champion.

Kickbiking with your dog provides a fun outlet for you and your dog to get healthy together while getting outside and having fun. After each ride your relationship and communication will grow and you will form a bond that is strong and unique. Also, dogs love to run and they are born to pull. This gives them a way to do what they naturally love, with you.

Pretty much anywhere. A wide open space or lengthy trail is optimal for high speed, distraction free mushing. But plenty of people start out mushing around their neighborhoods, at local parks or trails. More and more clubs and groups are forming every day around America. Join one locally or start your own and look for more and more Kickbike America sponsored races and rides popping up all over the country.

The CrossMax series is made specifically for offroad dog mushing.

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They are an outstanding bang-for-your-buck. If you want to take it up a notch, the 29er is the multi-year World Champion Dryland Musher. It is an absolute beauty and the beast.

If you have multiple dogs, one giant dog or just want the biggest, baddest scooter ever made…well, that is why we made the legendary FatMax. Just about any dog can learn to mush.

As you would expect, the husky breeds have an innate ability to run and pull, as these instincts are bred into them. There are other dog scooters and dog leash adapters. What makes Kickbike the best choice, besides decades of development, awards and validation on the track, is the emulation of dog pulling that has been around for over a 1, years. Dogs love to pull. It is in their DNA.

dog mushing scooter

Some other products you will see around, have the dog running beside the scooter or bike. This is inherently wrong, as the dog wants to be out front, pulling. Like the majestic sled dogs that you see on the Iditarod, this is a way to let your dog do what they want to do, in a safe and fun way for both of you. Kickbikes safely allow your dogs to run as fast and far as they desire in a fun and controlled way.

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