USA — - Ammoland. To make this package you need to add two items to your cart, see the link below. Alternatively you can buy both parts separately. Check our cart image below to see how we did it. The barrel is finished with a. Featuring M4 feed ramp cuts, these upper receivers are made for us right here in the USA. Gas key is secured with grade 8 fasteners and staked.

Includes Charging Handle. This PSA lower is made using our automated manufacturing process. Our multi-million dollar engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value.

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All with a strange link at the end of their comment. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Ansel Hazen.PSA is one of the fastest-growing gun companies in the history of ever. While the operate a handful of retail stores, they sell lots and lots of guns and shooting gear across the country online and through other retail outlets. I recently had the opportunity to tour the DC Machine operation and get a first-hand look at how quality barrels are made.

Before we get started, I should mention that we're not talking some small operation here. A lot more. Does that give you a picture? I was stunned by the volume pouring out of this Summerville, South Carolina manufacturing plant.

Without further delay, let's embark on a pictorial tour of how DC Machine produces the barrels you and I see in the market. The raw materials for barrel manufacture show up at the back door as steel bar stock like this.

You'll see different lengths of these as it doesn't make sense to cut unnecessary material when making a shorter barrel. You'll notice that some raw material stock bars are different colors. This is on purpose. DC Machine has their suppliers coat the raw material with different color finishes to denote the specific type of steel of each bar.

It doesn't matter to you as the finish is machined away during the process, but it helps the production line ensure that the right steel is used on the right barrel. Step one in the process is to drill out the bore. There's no rifling at this stage, just a smooth hole of the correct diameter for the final caliber.

Armature diagram

From this point on, the reference point for machining operations is the bore itself. DC Machine uses a top-secret button rifling process to wring maximum consistency and accuracy out of the barrels. I was able to watch a few being made and was stunned by the smoothness and speed of the operation.

Sorry, we can't show it here. Trade secret! The result is a perfect cylinder with the bore in the absolute center.

PSA 10.5 Pistol Kit Review: An AR Pistol Build on a Budget

This helps with machining the final barrel contours later in the process. During the process from first step on, each machine and step is closely monitored by quality control and the results show up in real-time on plant floor monitors.

In fact, Quality Engineer Mark Petty gets notifications on his smartphone the second anything in the process starts to drift away from strict tolerances.

At this stage, the breech end of the barrels are threaded for attachment of the barrel extension and chambers are cut.Well, not to worry! Because today we are introducing the 6. To those who are unfamiliar with the 6. Perfect for the AR platform, the 6. Well, if you have been shooting the standard 5. But you already knew that, so welcome to the one-stop article to help you pick out the best 6. In this article, you will go through the best 6.

Palmetto State Armory is known for its affordable but high-performance products. Affordable is an understatement as their products go much lower than many others in the market.

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They manage to keep prices low by handling their own manufacturing and logistics and distribution which is something that keeps them customer friendly and oriented. PSA has two offerings for the 6.

They are fairly similar but this article will still separate the two into different sections. The first of the two is the longer inch barrel variant of the PSA 6. The upper receiver is made from an aircraft-grade T6 aluminum and looks like the standard M4 receiver. It comes with the usual features like a standard charging handle, dust cover, low-profile rifle-length gas system, fully automatic bolt carrier, and bolt assist.

It is also made from the same aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish. Free-floating rails are good in keeping the temperature from getting too high which can lead to discomfort to the shooter.

It has been shot-peened, gas key hardened and meets the USGI specifications. It is held together with grade 8 screws and nitride treated for extra durability making it one of the Best 6.

But is it the very best? Read on to find out…. The shorter of the two PSA 6. This upper has a short inch barrel made from the same R steel with a stainless steel finish.Why not?

psa barrel

Aside from that, the pros to having a pistol vs a Short Barreled Rifle are great. With a pistol and the ability to legally concealed carry for instance… You can have your AR pistol loaded in the car, local CCW laws permitting which is great for trunk guns. You can also take it across state lines without having to ask permission from the government!

That is huge for me because I live on the border of Oregon and Washington, I live in Washington and drive 30 minutes to shoot in Oregon. Pistols just make sense. Editor: We just featured an article on the affordability of PSA! Hatas gonna hate. PSA focuses its products at the everyday person, they to be a manufacturer that anyone can afford and still get a good firearm.

He hates gun laws so much that he wants there to be SO MANY rifles in circulation that if any sort of gun law makes it through, there will be enough of his rifles in circulation that the gun law will have no effect.

As an avid gun lover and business man, he soon noticed that there did not seem to be a customer friendly company available for the everyday gun enthusiast. It serves as a great starting point for a rifle. As you discover what you need, you then upgrade it. While these rifles leave plenty of room for improvement, they let the shooter decide what needs upgrading. Their website does not say whether or not it is a CMV barrel or something else.

It has M4 feed ramps. It took me a few hours, with the wrong tools none the less, to remove the damn thing to put a free-float handguard on it. And the standard drop-in handguard it came with had a metal heat shield. The upper is a T6 forged upper.

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The I already had an aero precision lower, and I bought a PSA sba3 pistol lower kit to complete the build. The lower kit came with everything I need to complete my build on the lower. The upper did not come with a BCG and charging handle which I was okay with. I planned on changing that anyway, I decided to go with a Toolcraft black nitride bolt carrier group and a Radian Raptor LT charging handle. Changing the handguard out, specifically the front sight to put on the free float handguard, was a PAIN!!

Throughout this whole review and the time I have had this rifle, I have not gone easy on it. I have not dragged it behind a car or thrown it from a building, but I have treated it like crap. It just gets tossed around in the back of trucks, bouncing against different farm equipment and different guns. My expectations for guns and optics are just that it goes bang, and holds zero.

I expect everything to work after getting dropped, after being leaned against something and tipping over. It needs to be able to be thrown around, beat against something, and not cleaned, and still go bang and hit what I am aiming at every single time, which this rifle and optic combo does very well. My only concern is the gas block now. If it were the stock A2 sight that was pinned, this rifle would be bomb proof.

I wanted it free floated so I had to take the A2 off and put on a low profile gas block. The gas block does have two set screws that are just being held by friction to the barrel because there are no dimples. Round count estimate After sighting it in I managed a good 3 shot group not counting the flyer at 50 yards with my MRO. My index finger covered the group. After sighting it in I immediately went to yards and it was boring.

It was hard to miss for me from prone.Take a completed rifle, or build your own — both options are made very achievable. We will look at general considerations and what you get for your money in terms of individual components.

We offer four categories of shooters that can benefit from using what PSA has to offer. As will be seen, this covers a wide spread of users! Those shooters who are low to average users should also seriously consider the benefits of these well-constructed and completely acceptable AR weapons. It is a fact of life that there is not always a lot of money to go around. This makes them a solid choice for those on a budget who want their own weapon.

psa barrel

Experienced shooters and gun enthusiasts who want to delve a little deeper can both benefit from what is on offer. The latter means you can purchase different parts and construct an AR to your own personal specifications. At the prices PSA offer for their weapons, it is understandable that people are suspicious about quality and reliability.

Being able to sell their weapons for such a low cost has a very straightforward reason behind it — PSA has cut out the middleman. Their weapons are also so affordable because they produce weapons by procuring raw metal and manufacturing the finished product all in-house.

Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review

Progressing from simple assembly of parts to manufacturing is no mean feat, but the team at PSA have achieved this. Their success can be seen by the number of weapons being made and sold.

Taking an AR lower as an example, they start out with mass purchased aluminum. They then forge, machine and anodize it themselves. No outsourcing to different companies for the three processes just mentioned. PSA barrels start life as a piece of straight steel. They then button-broach it, rifle it, and complete the outer contour all in-house. As opposed to other approaches for finished weapons, PSA utilizes a lot of in-house expertise.

Basically, they purchase aluminum and steel and produce from there. You have a variety of options when it comes to the type of handguard and barrel length. We do not intend to simply list out the PSA offering in terms of complete AR rifles and components. We begin at the business end! The PSA upper comes as a standard style A2 flash hider. The design concept is certainly not a new one. It is the same used on countless military as well as civilian-use AR platform rifles.

The similarity continues with the AR barrel. Because it is standard size, it is readily available should a replacement be necessary. The other plus is for those who decide they want to change their A2 flash hider. Just about any different muzzle device made for the AR platform will fit. This means your local gunsmith or your handy self! Coming in at 16 inches in length the barrel has an A2 profile. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, this spec. Having said this, military rifle barrels are as short as This gives a good mix of weight and durability.

By keeping your barrel in good condition through cleaning and lubrication, especially by using the best gun oilyou should expect it to last for many years. With its standard barrel length, this makes it suitable for common mid-length gas systems. When considered independently, it reduces weight and offers good handling.

On top of this, it is excellent at venting heat.The only negative things were some finishing issues and shipping delays here and there. And at a higher round count since reliability is key when I recommend more budget-friendly options. From raw metal to the finished product…they do it themselves. PSA has their Freedom line which is their most affordable and is pretty much mil-spec meets military specifications.

It gives you more rail space and a softer shooting impulse since the gas tube is longer and gas block is more forward. Or at least their Magpul MOE furniture models so you can add some rails in the future. This gives me a longer handguard with M-LOKability to add rails, Magpul rear flip sight, and a nicer barrel finish compared to phosphate. The FSB is pinned well and the handguard is really on there. The next upper would be my favorite overall setup. Now you get the benefit of not having a FSB which helps the weight balance, and also having a free-floating handguard that increases accuracy by taking away contact points on the barrel.

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The two 5. Nitride two left black ones is smooth while stainless is…stainless. The BCG on the right gives you a sense of what the rougher texture phosphate looks like. Nitride is supposed to be a little tougher and I like the smooth look. Not even sure you can see them in the pics.

The Magpul mid-length polymer handguard is what it is. The free-floating M-LOK handguards work too.

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Also the I found that the mil-spec phosphate BCGs were not MP marked magnetic particle inspected while the more premium. Fine for civilian use but if you really want mil-spec…go for the Carpenter The carriers were all steel mil-spec.There have been dozens even hundreds of AR15 manufacturers within the United States, among these, there are few that hold up to the full expectations of what an AR15 can be.

Modern AR15s can be extremely reliable, accurate, and versatile firearms. Palmetto State Armory is one of the few manufacturers that has consistently turned out a product I am proud to own and use.

It should be noted that I have at NO point received compensation or product from Palmetto State Armory for writing this article, in fact, I have purchased out-of-pocket the large percentage of reviews I do. Please remember this when commenting, I am disabled, 40 years old and write reviews because you all deserve to have honest reviews in your corner. After using this one for quite a bit I quickly discovered that it was an amazing piece of hardware.

I then decided to purchase from Palmetto State Armory myself, and did so, purchasing the following items over the course of two years. Interestingly I have not yet had a negative experience and this is, to be honest rare.

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) AR-15 Review

After all, everything man-made can and does eventually fail especially firearms. Like changing the oil in your car, maintenance is essential in firearms. This ensures continued relatively flawless reliability. Additionally, I do not use sub-par ammunition. And Speer gold dot for self-defense. With my rifles, the same is approximately true, with variations in some rifles depending on the amount of use. This means that in a given year I could change barrels as many as 4 times if I run a gun hard enough, obviously for 22lr firearms this is not such a large issue, and I have easily gone well over 50, rounds before needing to change out springs etc.

In my high-pressure carbines and rifles such as the AK and AR variants specifically from Palmetto State Armory, I have found I need to do less maintenance while still seeing exceptional performance overall. The only other brand firearm that even came close in longevity and quality was my Delton Sport model which had a little over 65, rounds through the barrel before I replaced gas rings, barrel it had begun keyholing and buffer assembly.

psa barrel

It is still running like a mule today, accurate, wonderfully reliable and an amazing firearm. On a side note, he is like all of the individuals working with Palmetto State Armory approachable, and honest! Exception for the hammer forged barrels, all other barrels stainless, and nitride barrels —. Yes, absolutely the same applies to all firearms made and or stamped Palmetto State Armory!

The reality is quite different, comparatively, I have run my Delton and Palmetto State Armory guns against all of the above and in almost every case have continued to run long after they began having failures, feeding, firing, and more. And yes it may take a week, as my editing skills are atrocious, but after letting the officials review the video, and editing it, I will post for all to see!

PSA 10.5in Pistol Build Kit - 6 Month Review

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